At the Heart of Lapland

At the Heart of Lapland

Treehotel Mirror Cube

At the Tree Hotel designed by Tham & Videgård Architecter at the heart of the Swedish part of Lapland you can stay overnight in the trees.

When you plan to spend your holiday in Lapland, you think of endless pinewoods, icy cold, reindeers, of dog sleighs, the Northern lights. And maybe of the Tree Hotel opened last summer, which has become a downright insiders’ tip among Lapland travelers. The project located at the Southeastern edge of the 500-inhabitants hamlet of Harads, offers holiday-makers the opportunity of staying overnight in the middle of the wilderness inside modern designed tree huts. One of the four structures, 4 x 4 x 4 meter large “Mirrorcube”, has been designed by Stockholm-based Tham & Videgård Architecter and was then attached around the trunk of a pine tree at a height of four meters.

Mirrored Die

Top priority in planning this project was as little intervention in nature as possible. None of the trees was to be drilled holes in or harmed otherwise. So, in order to have least possible weight, Tham & Videgård Architecter have erected their Mirrorcube as a light aluminum structure and attached it with special hoses made of stainless steel to the pine tree in question. Thus, during the course of time, it will grow along with its “host”. The shell of reflecting glass is another adaption to the surroundings. When looking up, all you see is the forest and the sky, the hut itself is nearly invisible. To prevent birds from colliding with the Microcube, a transparent UV-die only visible for birds has been applied.

Into the Hotel across a Suspension Bridge

In order to access the Microcube, Tham & Videgård Architecter have installed a suspension bridge. Once up there, the visitor will encounter a very plain interior of plywood with large windows and a breathtaking 360-degrees view of the surroundings. The slight swaying of the hut caused by the wind will give you the feeling of constantly being in a gigantic a cantilever chair. Apart from a living room, a small bathroom with a special waste water pump and a roof terrace, the architects have also made a double bed available on the limited area. As additional furniture, a group of two armchairs and a table featuring typically Swedish design have been integrated, all in beautiful harmony with the visible trunk of the supporting pine tree.

You have to spend some money for the Tree Hotel. However, the success of the project does not detract. Currently, up to 25 more houses are planned.  Six "Treerooms" have already been realized. In addition to the Mirrorcube, "The Blue Cone", "The Bird's Nest", "The Cabin", "The UFO" and "Treesauna" are available for guests.



Project details


Tham & Videgård Architecter, Stockholm


Completion: July 2010


Volume 64 m³


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