Perfect Energy-efficiency

Perfect Energy-efficiency

Hall design.s

In the Southwest of Freising, near Munich airport, the hall of design.s carpenter’s workshop stands out thanks to its plain and awarded architecture.

In the Freising quarter of Pulling you will find the hall of design.s carpenter's workshop since November 2010, designed by the local architectural firm Architekturbüro Deppisch, under the supervision of Michael Deppisch. Among other awards, the architect has received the Architekturpreis für Gebäudeintegrierte Solartechnik (architecture prize for building integrated solar technology) in 2011. Another award followed in 2012 through the European architecture magazine AIT.

Go Green

Since its foundation in 2002 Deppisch has been dealing with the topic of sustainable building. E.g. they have built an organic hotel in Kranzberg near Munich, which is completely supplied by renewable energy. Photovoltaic modules across the whole roof take care of electricity generation. The heat is supplied by a biomass power plant at the border of the village.

Apart from his work as an architect Michael Deppisch gives numerous lectures on the multi-facetedness of planning and building in an energy-efficient way.

Less is often more

The design.s. hall is a gridded timber framework, consisting of pre-fabricated wooden framework elements, enabling a brief construction period.

The details have deliberately been left at a minimum to be as cost-efficient as possible. The workshop has a clearly structured asymmetric layout. This corresponds with the design of the generous and bright interior. Only untreated spruce wood as well as floor panels of  power troweled concrete have been used for the interior. The expansion joints between the individual floor panels precisely match the framework’s grid.

Thanks to the flexible interior design the layout can be changed and adapted without much effort anytime. Across a floor area of 1,128 square meters the layout is structured into two areas: Towards the South side all secondary rooms such as the storage rooms, the building services room etc. are lined up in a row. The machinery and bench area occupies the remaining area of the large room.

Outer Appearances

The façade is faced with black glazed spruce wood. At the building’s South and West side you can see motor-driven folding flap shutters. When opened the narrow, flush window slots can be seen, characterizing the architectural appearance of the workshop. The façade’s North side is faced with multi-wall sheets made of recyclable and highly insulated polycarbonate, transporting the daylight to the inside in a glare-free manner.

The façade is interrupted by three large glass gates. Here, delivery and shipment is organized. Apart from that, the large openings allow insights and views to the outside and also serve as shop windows.

Nicely economical

The principal and owner of the hall of design.s, Richard Stanzel, was involved in the planning work from the very beginning. He took care of the complete polycarbonate façade, developed the integrated folding flap shutters and made the plans for the interior. In close cooperation with  Deppisch Architekten the principal has designed all details and executed them right afterwards.

The workshop in Pulling is a successful example of how well economy, ecology and design can go together. The building has a compact volume. This generates very good energy values along with high cost efficiency. Wall and roof have been equipped with a special core insulation, the primary energy requirements were able to be lowered additionally through the well-insulated building shell. The hall is completely supplied by local energy sources. The chippings from the processing machines are stored in large quantities in the hall and are used for heating. A special chamber turns the raw material wood into heat. On the roof there are 1,200 square meters of photovoltaic modules, generating 70.000 kWh of solar energy per year.

Project details


Deppisch Architekten


Completion: 2010


Floor area: 1,128 m²


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