Karl-Heinz Petzinka

Karl-Heinz Petzinka

Karl-Heinz Petzinka stands for a new architectural style based on technological progress.

Karl-Heinz Petzinka received the title “graduate engineer” in 1982 and left the RWTH Aachen after studying there for six years. He spent his first two professional years with the O. M. Ungers bureau in Cologne. But in 1983 already he returned to the RWTH Aachen as an assistant, working for Prof. W. Döring until 1985. In 1988, life lead him to Wuppertal university, where he was in charge of teaching the subject of « Planning ». From 1994 till 2007, he was appointed professor at the Chair of Planning and Building Technology at the TU Darmstadt. In October 2004, Karl-Heinz Petzinka took on the job as a chairman of the management of the THS TreuHandStelle real estate company with headquarters at the re-constructed Zeche Nordstern in Gelsenkirchen. Since 2008, he has a professorship at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf


Petzinka Pink Technologische Architektur

In 1994, he founded Petzinka Pink Architekten together with Thomas Pink in Düsseldorf and Berlin. With “Petzinka Pink Technologische Architektur“ he introduced a new term to the field of architecture. This architectural style is represented by buildings such as the Düsseldorfer Stadttor (Düsseldorf city gates), the national headquarters of the German Christian Democratic Party in Berlin and their North Rhine-Westphalia permanent representation, which are at the same time among his best known works.

Further architectural offices in Düsseldorf...


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