Hopkins Architects

Hopkins Architects

Velodrome in London and World Trade Center in Dubai – with Hopkins Architects modern architecture and sustainable concepts go together well.

The couple Michael and Patty Hopkins founded Hopkins Architects in London in 1976. Within 35 years, the two developed Hopkins Architects into one of Great Britain’s best known architectural firms.

Works: National - International

The portfolio of Hopkins Architects is characterized by a wide variety and combines innovative design, craftsmanship and ecological responsibility. Many architectural awards such as the Riba Gold Medal for Architecture, received from the Royal Institutes of British Architects in 1994, have acknowledged the work of the two architects. Apart from national projects, the firm has also realized, under the supervision of Michael and Patty Hopkins, projects on an international level in Greece, Japan, Dubai, India and the USA.

The team consisting of 100 architects is spread among branches in London and Dubai. Since the opening of the Dubai branch in 2004, Hopkins Architects were involved with some of the most exciting projects in the desert state. Currently, 15 million square meters are being cultivated, among them the Dubai World Trade Center, built in the city’s new business district. The design is aiming the building to serve a variety of purposes. Offices, apartments, hotels and retail are supposed to give the city quarter new life.

Creative Achievement: “Sustainable Architect of the Year“

Individual design teams are carrying through the projects, cross-disciplinary cooperation is also part of their focus. The Hopkins Architects teams also work together with leading engineers, controllers and other specialists with every project they’re involved in. “We believe the best buildings to be built through a close cooperation between customers and consultants,” the architects say.

One focus of Hopkins Architects is on regenerating and integrating already existing buildings and the use of traditional materials, an example of which would be Bracken House in the City of London. The building used to consist of two office wings and was also used as a printing shop for Financial Times. Between the two office wings a new building was erected, the elliptic shape of which perfectly integrates into the building complex. Apart from that, the old buildings and the new one create an interesting contrast.

The key to success Hopkins Architects describe as follows: “Appreciating architectural, ecological and social values.” And so, they have been making pioneer’s work for decades now in terms of sustainability, social responsibility and energy-efficient design. “The climate change has an impact on our lives, today as well as tomorrow. Developing sustainable concepts has become a major part of our work.”

In 2008, Building magazine appointed Hopkins Architects “Sustainable Architect of the Year“.

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