Bernhard Tschumi Architects

Bernhard Tschumi Architects

Bernard Tschumi, architect and architectural theorist, uses his analyses to develop theories, functional crazes and experimental objects.

In 1983, Bernard Tschumi created a smasher with his design of Parc de la Vilette in Paris. Over night the architect with French-Swiss roots was able to establish himself with his experimental new buildings among the great names of architecture. In 1988, he founded the headquarters of Bernard Tschumi Architects in New York. The year 2002 saw Tschumi found his office Bernard Tschumi urbanistes Architectsin Paris. From here, projects in France are organized. The team gathered around Berhard Tschumi designs individual buildings and also develops master and infrastructural plans.

Works: A Culture Park with spatial Levels  

The philosophy: Bernhard Tschumi sees architecture closely tied to events. This means that architecture cannot only be formally defined, but plays a crucial role in space, movement and events. Thus, culture park Parc de la Vilette in Paris completed in 1998 is an event stage with various spatial levels. 26 installations are closely connected with certain events: here, the movie theater with its 360° projection area, there the sports area and the bridge, and last, but not least, room for concerts. The elements that connects all those areas with each other is the color red. Blue cobbled promenades lead from one place to the other. You have large green areas in between.  The idea behind it: finding, moving, deciphering.

The Acropolis Museum in Athens faced Bernhard Tschumi with a totally different challenge. The closeness to the city’s historical urban treasures such as the Acropolis forced the architect to create an unusual intervention. The historical cityscape was not to be disturbed, but at the same time the building had to prove itself worthy of standing at this important spot. Apart from that, the museum was planned to be used as a safe place for keeping the treasures from the antique Greek world in a region jeopardized by earthquakes. The solution: The building consists of three parts. It has foundations resting upon sliding isolation pendulum bearings, a middle part and a top piece. Each area has been adjusted to serve its specific purpose such as the tour through the museum.

Creative Achievement: Analysis of contemporary Architecture

Bernard Tschumi came up with the term "Event-City". So far, four papers have been published dealing with this topic alone. In his books and papers he writes, among other topics, about the problems and challenges cities have to face. He analyzes contemporary architecture and confronts it with the restrictions of the 21th century.

Projects of Bernard Tschumi Architects:

La Roche-sur-Yon

M2 Metro Station

ECAL School of Art

other projects ...


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